Any person or organization operating an animal shelter, boarding kennel, commercial kennel, contract kennel, pet shop, pound or dog pound, or acting as a dealer, commercial breeder, intermediate handler or exhibitor in Missouri, must have a valid license issued by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Licenses expire January 31 each year and do not automatically renew. Licensees must ensure that the properly completed application with the appropriate fees are submitted to the Department’s Animal Care Program to maintain their license(s).

  • Animal Care License/Registration Application and Renewal
    This form is for initial applicants as well as renewals. In either circumstance, you will need to furnish basic information about your business or non-profit, the name and location of your attending veterinarian, information necessary to calculate your fees, and, if applicable, the tax id number for the business. The Upload feature allows you to attach scanned documents or photos if necessary. Once you have completed all required fields, click Save and you will be allowed to complete your payment electronically. If you need additional instructions, click on the Information link in the upper and lower right hand corners of the form. Please note that this document does not complete the requirement for your written program of veterinary care.
  • General Program of Veterinary Care
    Each licensee shall employ an attending veterinarian under formal arrangements. In the case of a part-time attending veterinarian or consultant arrangements, the formal arrangements shall include a written program of veterinary care and regularly scheduled visits to the premises of the licensees.
  • Enhanced Program of Veterinary Care
    Licensees with more than ten intact females are required to employ an attending veterinarian under formal arrangements to include, at minimum, individual hands-on examination of covered dogs at least once annually, consultation on sound breeding practices, a review of health and husbandry, and approval of an exercise plan.

Licensees going out of business should contact their inspector or notify the Department’s Animal Care Program in writing.